How to Sell a Fixer Upper House Fast

Sell a Fixer Upper House Fast

Selling your house fast can be a daunting task. It can be even more difficult if you are trying to sell a fixer upper property, if you do not do follow steps. Here are some easy and effective tests that can give you immediate results:

Take Care of Important Areas

You must take care of all the major repairs and if possible the minor as well. The repairs include removal of ugly and torn wall paper, repairing old pipes and leaking faucets, bad plumbing. Additionally, any cracked foundations should be taken well care of.

Try to fix the cracked areas and camouflage it in the best possible way. By taking care of the visual problems beforehand, you have already made your fixed upper class marketable and impressive. This will help your house sell faster without a doubt.

Curb appeal

You must always ensure that your fixer upper house has got a good curb appeal. Needless to say anything that looks good from outside sells faster than other ones. It is important to stage your house in the most proper way possible.

You should take care of unwanted weeds and trim the shrubs. You can plant new flowers, clean the outside area and put a “on sale” banner. It must look appealing from outside.


Paint the inside and outside of the fixer upper. This adds some personal touch to the next owner. Moreover, at the same time you have already made your house look vibrant and colorful.

 You can also add decorative accessories like:

  • New faucets
  • Ceiling fans
  • Toilet pans
  • Door knobs
  • Improved lightning
  • Etc.

All these will instantly fetch your property on the top list of buyers and even real estate agents.

Advertise Your Property

You must post ads wherever you can. Find out which works for your location, what people follow more. Devise your sale strategy and post ads in social media, websites and newspapers. For best results, hire Super Cash for Houses and be tension free. They will do their part in selling your fixer upper house.

Do You Need a Lawyer to Sell Your House?

Do I Need a Lawyer to Sell My House?

A lawyer can help you with navigating through the legal complexities of all sorts of things from tort cases to tax practices. But does this mean you have to get a lawyer to help you with selling your home?

The truth is that the process of selling a home might entail some extremely sensitive and complicated legal processes and jargon that you might not be fully aware of. While you don’t absolutely have to get a lawyer to help you with selling your house, it might be a good idea to do this when you consider a few critical aspects associated with selling your home.

Review the Title

A lawyer can help you with taking care of the title on your property. This includes working to find the title and to review the official terms of ownership and liens. This is to get a clear idea of what you might have in terms of your investment. Your lawyer will have to look at as much information as possible and determine what makes it worth a certain total.

Check Legal Codes and Regulations

A lawyer can review your home to see if it is lawful in terms of codes and regulations. This includes the materials used in the construction of the home. It’s a necessity to see that asbestos, lead and radon among other harmful materials are not found. A lawyer can help by checking on how your home is built with legal codes and regulations in mind. You might have to make some adjustments to make your property legally safe.

Contract Prep

A contract should be inspected carefully when getting your home sold. A lawyer will assist you with creating a contract based on the total value of the home and other considerations.

The contract should be fair to all people and within the law. A lawyer will ensure that the contract that is drafted is appropriate and suitable for all parties to follow.

Help With the Closing

The closing process is important for getting a sale finalized. The closing will entail getting the deed transferred and managing the funds.

You can always have a lawyer on hand to help you if you feel it is necessary. It’s not a total requirement but it might be a good idea to have one on your side if only to make the process of selling the home easier to follow.

How Much Does a Realtor Charge to Sell Your Home?

How Much Does a Realtor Charge to Sell Your Home?

A realtor can help you out with the process of selling your home. They will assist you with managing the legal processes associated with selling it and getting its deed managed properly.

This can be very convenient,  but it will cost you $1,000’s in real estate agent fees. It’s a price to pay,  but it can be worthwhile when you consider how easy the process can be.

A Commission Is Charged

Instead of a specific flat fee, a commission will typically be charged by your realtor to help with selling your house. This charge can vary in value with it typically being from 5 to 6 percent depending on the realtor.

This commission will be a percentage of the value of your home or its overall sale price. It’s clearly going to be higher if your home is worth more.

Advertising Costs Might Come About

Advertising costs may be charged by a realtor. These typically come with a flat rate that is determined based on the marketing means you opt for and how long the process of advertising your home takes.

This can be ideal but you should look carefully at the fees before you opt for certain marketing services. A realtor should be upfront about what you’d have to spend to get the resale process running.

Can Other Fees Come About?

Some other charges may occur depending on what you use for your investment. You might find that you have to pay particular taxes on getting your home sold through a realtor. These taxes will vary by each location so check with the rules associated with your area to see what you might have to spend at this point.

Are Charges Negotiable?

Sometimes real estate agent or broker fees can be easy to negotiate depending on the value of your home and how much time it takes to sell it. Your realtor might offer a goodwill measure and give you a lower fee if you are dealing with financial issues that have caused you to sell your property.

There’s no guarantee that a realtor will let you do this. Typical realtors work off of commissions, and not off of salaries. Still, it could be worth it for them if they feel the sales process will be easy.

Talk with a realtor to see what you can get out of your property when you’re aiming to sell it. The charges associated with selling your home through a realtor can vary but it could be the key to giving you a little more control over your home and getting it all sold right.

How Long Will it Take to Sell My House?

How Long Does it Take to Sell a House?

How fast your sell your house depends on a few things. Mainly whether you want to sell to a cash home buyer, or have a real estate agent list on the market.

If your real estate broker chooses to list on the MLS, the truth is that it can take a while to sell. You should be prepared to carry the cost of your property for months to be safe.

Legal Considerations

The legal considerations that come with selling a home can make a difference as well. These include points like:

  • getting contracts ready
  • allowing the deed and title for your property to be transferred
  • and even ensuring that a buyer can afford your home.

You must prepare to put some work into this process.

Time Considerations

Best case scenario, it could take a month for you to sell your home. However, in most cases this will take much longer.

That time period might be even longer depending on how much money your home is worth and if your market is one that is hard to get into or not in much demand.

Tips to Sell Your House Faster

If anything, here are few tips to sell your home quicker:

  • The price of your home will certainly make a difference. It takes more time for a home to be sold if it is worth more because the process of getting money ready to pay for the home will be a little more extensive and complicated.
  • The number of offers that you get for your home can also make a difference. You might take a little longer if you have plenty of offers simply because you’ll have to look around and see which deals are the best for you.
  • Your location could directly influence the timing. Your home will have a better demand and therefore take less time to sell if it is in a desirable spot. A space with things like schools, parks and business spaces that is easy to get to will certainly be appealing.
  • The condition of your property will play a role in timing as well. It could be easier for a home to sell when it is in the best possible property with everything on the inside working right.

The process for selling it will certainly be easier by leveraging a cash home buyer. You can close faster, and get cash in hand. Learn more about how Super Cash For Houses can buy your house today.

Best Way to Sell House Yourself?

What’s the Best Way to Sell Your House Yourself?

It’s a great idea to consider selling your house on your own but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck when trying to do this. There are a few ideal considerations to consider when trying to sell your home by yourself.

Check Other Home Values

A good way to sell your house on your own is to take a closer look at the values of other homes in your area. Specifically, you should look at the values of homes that are similar to yours in some way.

This includes homes that have the same sizes, types of rooms and other features that what yours has. Don’t forget to look at homes that are right in your immediate vicinity to get a clear idea of what yours may be worth.

When done properly, it should be very easy to get a clear idea of the home’s value. This must be done with a good review of at least 3 other properties.

You’ll have to figure out the key selling points. Take a closer look at what makes your home stand out and why people should consider buying it. That might help you think of a few things you can do to improve it.

Prepare an Open House

An open house will provide you with plenty of new people who are interested in your home. This means you want to have your your house game time ready!

An open house will entail people coming to your property to look at the different features your property has. This is to give them a clear idea of what’s in your home and if it is worthwhile to them.

Negotiations Must Be Realistic

You have to prepare sensible negotiations to make it easier for you to get money for your home and to get the deed to that property transferred. You’ll have to review how the deed transferal process works and how much money it is worth.

It may be easier for negotiations to work if the client interested in buying your home has been pre-approved for a home loan. They should be able to prove funding to you with their offer.

Check Local Laws

The laws for selling your home on your own will vary based on where you live. You’ll have to follow rules relating to anti-discriminatory acts and how to manage legal transfers and financial functions.

Follow all the laws to show that you are fully aware of what can be done. You don’t have to use a realtor or other party to help you sell your home.

What is the Fastest Way to Sell a House?

There are certain times in a year when the properties sell pretty fast. But what if you are past the peak time and still want to sell the house fast? There are a few things you will want to keep in mind to ensure a speedy sale. Not only will you need to put the right price tag on your house you will also want to make sure it creates a very good first impression.

But these things are only useful when the potential buyer actually pays a visit to your property. Here are some of fastest ways to sell your house even when it is offseason.

Price it right from the very beginning

Some sellers believe that putting a high-price tag on the house in the beginning is good. They think that it is a good strategy to lower the price only as fail-safe when the house doesn’t sell. But practically speaking, it is a bad move. If you want to sell your house in quick time, keep the right price from the start.

The 30 days from the day of listing will be most crucial for the sale of your property. If the price is too high not only the buyers will be discouraged but also the real estate agents.

Better the curb appeal

How your house appears from the street could be pretty crucial in effecting the speedy sale. So get it right before putting it up for sale. Add new colourful flowers, paint the house, get the new grass turfs, and even replace your old mailbox. The first impression will create a very strong opinion in the minds of the potential buyers.

Enhance the exterior and interiors

No one will be interested in buying the old, worn-out house. Selling will become all the more difficult during off-peak season. If you are looking for quick sale of the house, you will need to update the interiors as well as the exteriors. It doesn’t cost a lot to upgrade the landscape and install the new fixtures. But it will definitely enhance the chances of the speedy sale.

Clean and remove clutter

Make the place look tidy. Buyers will want to buy the house that is clean. Also, remove everything that is not needed. The fewer the items in the house the larger the space will appear. Remove all the unwanted furniture items as well.

You will also want to depersonalize your house. The house must look neutral. If your house speaks loudly of your personal preferences that do not align with that of the buyers, chances of fast sale will be slim. Remove everything that is personal to you including the family photos.

Be available at all times

When your house is up for sale, you can get visitors even a little early in the morning. Be ready for such things. Make your house easy to show to the prospective buyers.

The Quick And Effective Guide For Home Sellers

Sell Your House Faster Than You Think

There are different reasons why you may need to sell your home fast as possible. It can be moving for a great opportunity, finding your dream home across town, retiring to some different weather conditions or whatever the reason is you can wait for six months and more to sell it.

In addition to it, selling it through a realtor may not be a good idea, as they will take a percentage of the sell as profit. For the times, when you urgently need to sell your house, here are two most useful tips:

Find Home Buyers that Pay Cash

This is one of the fastest ways to sell your house. It is very common to close the deal at the table easily. Most of the time you will get 70 percent of the payment upfront, therefore you need to price it smartly.

On the other hand, if you stage your house perfectly, you may also get 100 percent payment, at the time of handling. This reduces the hassles of loan applicants and first-time buyers as well.

Most of the time these cash payment buyers are house curators who take over the house, make it prefect for renting or re-selling. Use yellow pages and business directories for quick references.

The Internet is a Great Real Estate Selling Tool

In this digital age, there is nothing you cannot advertise and sell. You will need to post your messages in as many websites and social forums as possible. You can post ads on craigslist, for sale by owner forums, real estate sites and your social media accounts.

In addition to it, you can post in some real estate investor groups in facebook. You must also use twitter and instagram and let the whole world know about it. It is advised to post at least two times a day, until you get your results because posting once most of the time doesn’t give immediate results.

Why Do Home Sellers Prefer Cash Buyers?

Are you planning to buy a house? How are you planning to make the payment? There are primarily two options for you. You can either take the loan from the bank, pay the mortgage for many years or you can buy the house in cash.

You will be surprised to know that there are a lot of landowners who prefer cash over any other mode of payment. Not to mention, you sell your house faster for cash. But not a lot of people are able to pay in cash. Mortgage loans are so popular for a simple reason, people do not have cash to pay. But if you have cash, things become convenient for sellers. This is why they prefer it. Here is how.

Transaction is faster

No one can deny that fact that if the buyer is paying for the house in cash, transaction will be faster. When the buyer applies for mortgage, it takes time to get processed. Sometimes it takes longer than expected to process. This is because there is lots of paperwork involved.

The banks and financial institutions have several requirements buyers need to meet. From the day of the application of the loan to the day of processing there could be many complications. Almost every seller wants to get over with the transaction quickly.

Most of them have already planned future investments from the money they will get from the sale. This is why it makes a lot of sense for the sellers to be paid in cash.

There are higher chances of transaction going through

The likelihood of the transaction getting completed is much higher when the buyer is paying in cash. Many times it happens that the mortgage is denied to the buyer in the end. As already mentioned, loan process has to go through many steps and there could be complications.

They buyer has to get the approval from the bank. Buyer’s current income, existing loans, previous credit record, and a lot of things are factored. If the seller is getting the cash, they will know that the transaction will go through as there is no third party involved.

It is more convenient to the seller

Given the above two factors of speedy and guaranteed transaction, things become more convenient for the seller. If the seller has any future investment plans, they can get onto it quickly. There are many sellers who have eyed another property. The cash transaction will mean they will have the money in hand quickly. This further means that they will be able to buy another property before anyone else does.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, the sellers prefer cash over the mortgage. But it does not mean that sellers will refuse the mortgage payment.

Pricing Your House To Sell Fast

The most important factor for a quick house sale is the price. Needless to say, if you overprice it you will not be able to sell it very fast.

In the real estate business most of the realtors start undervaluing your property after 30 days. Why? Within two three weeks it will lose its freshness and appeal.

Therefore, the demand of the house drops. However, a good property with good pricing in accordance with the current economic trend is important to selling your home fast.

How you should price your Home

The first and foremost thing is to abandon your personal point of view about your house. Buyers are not at all concerned about the price you paid to built it, your sentiments attached with it or how much you need to pay for your next house.

Expert Real Estate Appraisal

Buyers and real estate agents will rate the price of your home according to its location, condition, present market value in accordance to the economic landscape.

They will compare comparable houses and derive an analysis.  Your market analysis should also include prices of recently sold homes and similar houses in your neighborhood, on the market homes and off market homes.

You must think of this as a business, and not be too attached to negotiate correctly. It’s a good idea to hand the negotiating over to your real estate consultant or agent.

Invite Real Estate Agents To an Open House

If you don’t have any cash home buyers, the next step is to invite real estate agents over for a brokers open house. You can introduce your home to agents and see if they have buyers for you.

These agents are well aware about the market trends, costing and profit margin. There are few agencies those have good years of experience in this trade, you can take their services for better insight.

9 Reasons To Sell Your Home For Cash

With current market conditions and slow housing market, many home owners are looking for cash home buyers. You will come across numerous advertisements of cash homes for sale by owner where the buyers are willing to sell their houses for immediate cash.

These sellers may be doing so if they are moving from that state to another state or are willing to shift to a newer and bigger house or simply sell the house for urgent requirement for cash.

Trying To Sell Your Home Fast Online

Other than these, there would be advertisement from the buyers who would be interested in cash properties for sale. From the advertisement, you will not get a clear idea about the buyers, but these buyers have certain set requirements prior to offering cash for your property. These buyers are usually the investors looking for real estates to invest in. However, they have certain criteria for every home they purchase.

How Do Cash Home Buyers Work?

Buyers making an offer to buy your property for cash are looking for good deal. Now, a good deal doesn’t mean 10-15% lesser than the market value. The buyers are looking for significant discounts due to the high risk.

How Much Does Cash For Houses Pay?

Generally, they will want it to be much less than the market value. Due to this, they will contact the sellers who are willing to sell their houses immediately for cash. These buyers have a well-managed and creative way to work out the finances that offer the sellers the price they want and simultaneously purchase the house with a good discount.

Sell Price Options

Remember that the price the seller wants and the price that he needs are totally two different things. If the seller has a mortgage loan over the property, the buyers can talk to the mortgage agencies or the banks to reduce the loan or pay the loan and buy the house at discounted price. Or, in some cases they sell to a home buyer that will pay cash for their home.

Who Cash For Houses Companies Aren’t For

However, if you own a house in good condition and need to get the price set buy you, these cash buyers aren’t for you. You can always expose your house in major real estate portals and get the desired price. Unless you are willing to give your house on discount for immediate cash.

9 Reasons people sell their houses for cash

Below are 9 reasons why someone might need to sell their house fast. I’m sure there are many more reasons too.

  1. Fast Release of Equity
  2. Settling debts by selling off the house for immediate cash
  3. Avoiding house repression
  4. Problematic property; property with legal issues or property located in an abandoned area
  5. Effortless solution to an inherited property
  6. Entering the real estate as a cash buyer
  7. Selling house for emigration purposes
  8. Managing family issues over the property
  9. Fast option than hiring estate agent