Does a Fireplace Add Home Value?

home with fireplace

Can a Fireplace Influence Your Home’s Value?

Many decorative accents can add to your home’s value, but the best ones are the features that are also functional. A fireplace is one such point to note in your home. A fireplace will add value to your home thanks to its appealing design and for how well it can produce heat in a part of your home. You would have to ensure the fireplace is maintained regularly, and that you have a good plan in mind for how it will look.

How Does a Fireplace Add Value?

The fireplace is one of the best things you could use in your home when aiming to build upon its value. There are many ways how a fireplace can provide value to your property:

  • The fireplace as a high focal point to any room it serves. The unit will produce a classic style that brings out a sense of class, or a rustic look depending on the model.
  • The fireplace can also add heat to your home. The natural heat provides a comfortable feeling, not to mention it may be more efficient than some HVAC units.
  • Many people use fireplaces as meeting places in homes. Having a fire will create a more down-home feeling that makes people feel comfortable or interested.

How Can a Fireplace Effect Value?

The National Association of Realtors estimates that a fireplace can add about a thousand dollars to the value of a home. But some fireplaces may add $10,000 or more depending on factors like:

  • How elaborate or decorative a fireplace is, including how you can add wood or other features on the inside
  • The positioning of the fireplace may also dictate the value; a well-arranged model can produce more than enough heat
  • How the fireplace; a traditional wood-burning unit is ideal, but an electric model can also look nice

What About Fireplace Maintenance?

The maintenance of your fireplace is essential. You might have to clean out the chimney if you have a traditional fireplace. Including burning off any ash or other items that build up in the stack.

For an electric model, you would have to confirm that the connections are efficient and that the right amount of heat is coming out. We recommend an appropriate fan for keeping the flame moving around well.

The amount of maintenance would still be worthwhile when you consider how the fireplace can look. A fireplace can be functional and appealing for the entire life of your home, thus giving a better look that adds a style unlike anything else you might find in your home.

Sell Your House Fast With or Without a Fireplace

A fireplace could be a valuable addition to your home if you know how it works and how it may improve upon the value of your home. Contact us at Super Cash For Houses to take a look at your home and to get an idea of what your home would be worth. The effort includes looking at how well the fireplace can add value to your property.