What Does a Home Inspection Entail?

home needing a home inspection

Home Inspection

An extensive home inspection is required before you buy a home or even sell one. An inspection helps to review and diagnose potential issues with a property. This ensure that any issues that are found can be addressed before the final price is decided.

Common Issues Found

There are many areas around a home that have to be reviewed:

  • The foundation and frame of the home should be inspected to ensure they are sturdy and protected.
  • The heating and cooling systems must be inspected alongside the air ducts. This is to see that air is moving around the home well enough.
  • The insulation around the property should be thick enough while covering more spaces around the home.
  • The roof has to be checked from the inside out. This includes not only looking at the tiles on the roof but also the insulation and sealants used to keep air and moisture out.
  • Electrical functions can be tested. All service panels and fuses must be reviewed.
  • All walls and other interior surfaces must be checked. These have to be reviewed to find any cracks, slants or other problems that might cause a space to be hard to support.
  • Plumbing features like the pipes and drains can be tested. This is to see how water moves in and out of a property. The quality of the water should also be tested to ensure it is safe to use and not in contact with lead or other potentially dangerous compounds.

Make sure you get your home inspected before selling it. Don’t forget to ask for a full and thorough review. This is all to keep you from having any problems during the transaction itself.