A lot of preparation you have to do before selling the house, from mental preparation to physical preparation. If this preparation goes unnoticed, then the process of selling a home will not be as perfect as you expect. Here are some things you need to do to getting your home ready to sell.

– Mental and physical preparation (home)

The point here is you have to be mentally prepared to sell the house. If you are not mentally prepared for the reason still loving the house, it will cause your judgment and the decision you make will be based on mere emotional. It is not justified because the process of selling a home is a business activity that should avoid everything that is emotional. Physical preparation means, sell your house when the physical repair process of the house has been completely completed. If so, then you can sell it. If not completed, it will potentially threaten the safety of your next home buyer.

– Research on regulation

There are various regulations relating to the process of selling the house. If you do not increase your knowledge about the regulation related to buying and selling a house, then you probably will not know your rights as a home seller. Of course, it would be very detrimental.

– Research market prices

It is important to know the selling price of a house in your home area. If the price you set is too expensive, then the buyer will assume you are not serious about selling the house. But if the price is too low for the market price, then you will lose money.

– Excessive renovation

It’s true if you’re doing renovations to make your house perfect for sale. But if the renovation or repair is done to make your house like a palace among farmers’ huts, then potential buyers will be frightened to see your home.

getting your home ready to sell

– Professional in choosing a broker

It is better if you use the services of brokers in selling the house. Therefore, choose a professional broker and have a successful career track record in selling the house. If you choose a broker just because he is your cousin, you might as well set aside his track record that may not be so good at selling the house.

When the house will be sold, the conditions should be made as attractive as possible to attract the attention of potential buyers. The simplest but most effective way to do this is to clean the house thoroughly. Here are brief tips on cleaning the house before it is sold.

1. Get rid of items that accumulate

A potential buyer may not be able to see the condition of the house well. If the house is packed with goods and furniture of the owner, potential buyers will assume that the house is too small for them. A large number of items scattered can jeopardize the safety and also the opportunity to get a buyer. In addition, a clean environment free of messy goods and furniture will look more attractive than a seemingly narrow and gloomy home atmosphere. Begin cleaning the house, including, attics and garages, from items that are no longer useful to you. Goods still in good condition can be sold or donated to charity. You can throw the rest in the trash. By cleaning your house of useless items, your home will look wider for potential buyers.

2. Use the correct cleaning method

Concentrate on the space that attracts potential buyers such as living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. Examine each room thoroughly and take note of sections that may appeal to a potential buyer. Make this the starting point for the cleaning process. Then, wipe the room from top to bottom, from left to right. In this way, you can make sure there are no stains left. Pay close attention to your kitchen and bathroom. Check the labels on cleaning products to make sure they are suitable for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom surfaces. A powerful abrasive cleanser removes stubborn stains such as food stains and oil residue in the sink. However, too-hard cleaners can damage floor or wall surfaces. Therefore, you can use a softer cleanser for perishable surfaces. In general, the abrasive nature of the liquid cleaner is less than the powder and gel. Spray cleansers are easy to use in narrow areas, while liquids or powders mixed in a bucket of water are more efficient for large areas such as floors and walls. Keep in mind, the floor can look blurry because of the remnants of cleaning solution. To prevent this, use products that do not contain detergents or rinse well after each cleaning process.

3. Clean the moss

Moss is a common problem in the bathroom. Moss can make the bathroom look dirty. Not to mention coupled with the danger it has on health. Surely this can be disrupted by its existence. You can use a bleach solution to remove moss from the bathroom door, shower curtain and grout between the tiles. Use a gentle cleaning product for the door and bathroom mirror. Small routines, emptying the bathtub, drying the walls and tap with a sponge can keep your bathroom from growing moss.

Do not forget to wash carpets and curtains and clean the dust properly. Use a damp cloth to keep the dust from flying through the air. If you do not have the funds to repaint, clean the wall from dirt stains using a gentle cleanser. To avoid damaging the wall surface, you should try first to clean the area of the wall that is not too visible, like the corner area. To avoid traces when cleaning large areas of the wall, start cleaning from the ground up to the top with a circular motion. Routine cleaning your house every day will make your home always look clean. So when prospective buyers come to look at the house, all you have to do is just do light duty like sweeping. Clean the kitchen and bathroom shelves. Place only the equipment you use every day.