Using Video Tours To Sell Your Home Faster

Video Tour

Making a Video Tour Work For Your Home Sale Needs

Video tours have been growing in popularity over the last few years. These tours are ones that have become very appealing, as they allow people to see homes of all sorts.

You’ll have to look at what you can get out of a video tour if you wish to sell your home. There are a few ideas to look at making a home marketable through your video.

Professional Quality Is a Must

You don’t want to record your home with a shaky camera. Use a tripod or other item that you can keep the camera on.

The camera you use should also be of professional quality. Look for a camera that can display images well without producing lots of glares or unsavory effects. You can test a camera before you start using it to see how well you can take shots around your home.

Use a Wide Angle

You’ll need to give your viewers a better look at all the things around your home when taping the space. A wide-angle lens is ideal to utilize. The lens lets you cover more spots in your home and makes things easier to review all around.

Bring In Enough Light

You’ll need to produce enough light to make it easier for people to see what’s inside your home. But you should not use far too much light, or else it might be harder for people to see what’s in your home. A rule of thumb here is to allow enough natural light to enter without using far too much artificial light.

Keep the curtains or blinds open around your home. Record your video around the time when the sun will be its brightest. Allowing for enough light to enter your home will help. You’ll also show what your home would look like during an average day.

Let the Fans Move

Allow your ceiling fans to move to create a sense of motion in your home. But don’t make the fans go too fast, or else they might blow things around. Keep the fans at a slower speed to allow for a bit of movement in the home and to make things feel a little livelier. You don’t have to focus on the fans while recording, as having them move about in the background will be good enough for the work. It creates a nice look that isn’t too distracting.

Keep the Video Short

Aim to keep your video as short as possible. Keep it around four or five minutes long. People aren’t going to want to watch something that goes on for far too long.

Plan out your video before shooting. You can look at how well the video might cover specific things in your house, or time things around to see what might be more interesting.

You can contact us at Super Cash For Houses for more details on what you can do when selling your home fast. Your video tour experience is one part of what works as you produce your content.