Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

The short answer is No. However, a real estate lawyer can help you with navigating through the legal complexities of all sorts of things from tort cases to tax practices. But does this mean you have to get a lawyer to help you with selling your home?

The truth is that the process of selling a home might entail some extremely sensitive and complicated legal processes and jargon that you might not be fully aware of. While you don’t absolutely have to get a lawyer to help you with selling your house, it might be a good idea to do this when you consider a few critical aspects associated with selling your home.

What Does A Real Estate Lawyer Do?

Review the Title

A lawyer can help you with taking care of the title on your property. This includes working to find the title and reviewing the official terms of ownership and liens. It’s to get a clear idea of what you might have in terms of your investment. Your lawyer will have to look at as much information as possible and determine what makes it worth a certain total.

Check Legal Codes and Regulations

A lawyer can review your home to see if it is lawful in terms of codes and regulations. This includes the materials used in the construction of the home.

It’s a necessity to see that asbestos, lead, and radon among other harmful materials are not found. A lawyer can help by checking on how your home is built with legal codes and regulations in mind. You might have to make some adjustments to make your property legally safe.

Contract Preparation

A contract should be inspected carefully when getting your home sold. A lawyer will assist you with creating a contract based on the total value of the home and other considerations. The contract should be fair to all people and within the law. A lawyer will ensure that the contract that is drafted is appropriate and suitable for all parties to follow.

Help With the Closing Process

The closing process is important, especially when selling your house fast. Without much time to change your mind, it’s important you have your numbers lined up before getting a sale finalized. The closing will entail getting the deed transferred and managing the funds.

You can always have a lawyer on hand to help you if you feel it is necessary. It’s not a total requirement but it might be a good idea to have one on your side if only to make selling your home for cash in Dallas just a little bit easier.