One of the most common questions that real estate agents face from most property sellers is, does a furnished house sell faster? Well, it really depends on the type of house your selling. If it’s a property your trying to sell your house fast for cash, don’t worry about it. If your trying to get max value for your home and have time, then stage it.

Why Staging is Bad for Selling Fast for Cash

A real estate investor or fast cash home buyer won’t care about staging. Why? For one, their tastes may be different; secondly, they might want to use the property differently or for another purpose than the way you’ve been using it so far. Many people spend a lot of time, money and effort in getting their properties fully furnished before a sale, hoping for better offers, only to realize that the offers still come the same with no increase whatsoever. So, don’t waste money adding furniture to a fast cash sale property.

Sell Your House Fast Even If It’s Empty!

If you are looking for a Dallas / Fort Worth home buyer, then you just need to connect with Super Cash for Houses to sell your property in an efficient and hassle-free manner. With more than 50 years of experience in handling properties, they make you a fair cash offer, even if your house is unfurnished, damaged with fire or not very clean. Your property could be literally in ANY condition, and they will draw up the right paperwork with their efficient team to solve the matters and seal the deal in just 10 days. Not a lot of people have the time or the money to spend on furnishing a place, especially when they are hoping for an immediate sale of the property. This is where experts from Super Cash for Houses come in for your help and make the sale a lot smoother for you.