Want To Sell Your House, Get The Pets Out To Play Day

You might love having pets in your home, but that does not mean they are going to help you much when you want to sell it. There are many factors at play to determine if your pet will hurt your cause. We’re not saying to get rid of you’re pets, we love our pets as well. We’re just saying that taking your pet to a pet spa might be a smart idea.

4 Reasons To Remove Pets

Here are some reasons why to remove pets:

  1. There is a realistic chance that whoever wants to buy your property does not have pets. That person needs to look at the things in a home for how they can work in many forms.
  2. People who visit your home while it is for sale might have pet allergies. Getting your pets out of space will ensure those allergies are not triggered. You would have to clean out the house of any pet hair or other pet-related things though.
  3. Any odors that might be produced by a pet will not be prevalent in your home.
  4. You are also depersonalizing your home at this point. This practice is essential for showing that your home is versatile. Depersonalizing also indicates that you are not overly attached to the house and that you are indeed committed to getting it sold off as soon as possible.

Getting your pets out of your home is not something that you might want to do, but you have to make sure the house does not have your personality attached to it. It is up to the buyer to see that the property is something of value and has an intriguing layout or arrangement that one might benefit from quite well.  

What Do I Do With My Pet?

However, what will you do with your pets at this point? Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Have your pets stay at a friend’s or other family member’s space. Make sure this is a spot that is trustworthy and is run by people who care about your pets.
  2. Talk with a boarding site that can house your pets for a few days or weeks if needed. A boarding site will help take care of your pets in a comfortable environment.
  3. You can also find pet resorts that offer special places for your pets to stay in for a bit. Such areas are a little more high-end, but they offer added activities for your pet to stay healthy and stimulated. Pet spas and resorts may also entail added exposure to other pets in a social environment.

How to Sell a House With a Pet at Home

We don’t care if your pets are around when we inspect your property. We will only be there for a short time and will coordinate with you beforehand. What are you waiting for? We buy houses in Dallas, TX and we would like to make you a cash offer today!