7 Tips to Improve Your Kitchen

Update Kitchen

Are you searching for some tips to update your kitchen? There are a few simple and easy steps to updating your kitchen without spending a lot of money or damaging your kitchen. Most people, when they think of their kitchen, only to see the work area-the stove, sink, microwave, etc. Most don’t realize that they also need to update the lighting, the countertops, and even the cabinets in their kitchen to make the most of their space. Here are some great tips to update your kitchen:

Tip One: Paint your Kitchen counters

There are two ways to paint your countertops-on or off the wall. In addition to being more affordable, doing it yourself will also be easier because you can choose the color of the paint to go with your cabinets and other accessories. If you’re not a do-it-yourself type of person, hiring a custom house painter is an option for your DIY kitchen remodeling project.

Tip Two: Replace your cabinet lights with brighter light fixtures

Replacing your cabinet lights with focused light fixtures will add depth and ambiance to your kitchen without drastically changing the overall design. Focus light fixtures are especially helpful in smaller kitchens. By replacing your cabinet lights with focused light fixtures, you’ll also be able to get better lighting for the countertops and island, without having to completely reface your cabinet doors.

Tip Three: Use raised panel cabinets instead of traditional cabinet boxes

When choosing new cabinet hardware, it’s best to choose a pattern that goes with the rest of your kitchen. Hanging kitchen cabinet boxes on the wall takes up valuable kitchen space. A raised panel cabinet allows you to place your items on top of the cabinet for more storage without taking up extra floor space. It’s a much more efficient way to utilize the space available in your kitchen.

Tip Four: Update your kitchen cabinets

Your cabinets aren’t the only thing that needs updating in a cramped kitchen. Countertops need to be painted and refinished to match your cabinetry. While most countertops are easily cleaned and cared for, if you have an outbreak of stains or are simply trying to do things on a budget, painting and refinishing your countertops can save you money on hiring a professional to refinish your cabinets. The result is a beautiful new kitchen that has the feel of a larger room.

Tip Five: Replace your appliances

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to update your kitchen is by getting new appliances. New appliances often require little modification to your current kitchen design. By putting in a new refrigerator, oven, or dishwasher, you’ll be amazed at how much difference having new appliances can make in the overall look of your kitchen.

Tip Six: Paint

Painting your cabinets will give them an updated look, as well as help you get a cleaner, fresher appearance overall. If you want to retain the wood grain of your cabinetry, it’s best to leave the paint on. Staining will leave the wood grain visible but will also draw attention to the flaws of your cabinets and furniture.

Tip Seven: Granite is the new black

No, granite is not the new black; however, it is the hottest new accent you can use in your kitchen. Granite has the beauty and durability of granite while offering several design options. It is easy to care for, stain-resistant, and doesn’t show signs of wear like other natural materials. An instant kitchen update that will make your countertop, cabinets, and overall design stand out.