Best Things About Dallas

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No matter where you call Dallas home, these are some things you should know before you move to Dallas. These are also reasons why you will be happy to be here. Here’s a quick overview:

Dallas Hospitality is Fantastic

Dallas is not only friendly but also very polite. You will soon be used to hearing “sir,” “ma’am” everywhere you go. They are warm and welcoming. We are just getting started, and Y’all should settle down now! Yes, southern hospitality is very much alive in this region of the country.

Food is Everything

Make sure you have enough food for your move. Did you know that Dallas boasts more restaurants per capita than New York? Big D is a great place to eat.

Let’s Go Shopping

Neiman Marcus is located in Dallas, which is fitting. Dallas is well-known for shopping, as evidenced by the many malls, markets, and shopping centers. To get started, visit the North Dallas Galleria or West End MarketPlace.

It’s not surprising to find Hollywood close by

It’s not surprising that so many movies have been shot in Dallas. Dallas could be a good location for movies due to its climate, landscape, or any number of other factors. These are just a few of the Dallas films you might be familiar with: Bonnie and Clyde (Batman & Robin), RoboCop (RoboCop).

Local Texas Grown Farmers Market

Texas is one of the few states that has successfully combined agriculture and industry. Dallas may be the epicenter of this combination. Dallas offers opportunities for all by supporting technology, industry, and a vibrant farming community. Dallas is home to the largest farmer’s market, which has been in operation since the late 1800s. Dallas believes that if it isn’t broken, it doesn’t need to be fixed.

Amazing Diverse Culture

Dallas offers a wide range of cultures, including Jewish, Muslim, and Christian faiths, Asians, Latinos, African-Americans, and Latinos. Multi-cultural Dallas has room for you and your faith.

Corporate Heaven

You did your research if you were motivated by a desire to get into corporate business and the big business world. Dallas is home to the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and Frito-Lay, as well as Rolex. This is sometimes called opportunity in Dallas.

Industry and Tech

Dallas is also home to many well-known companies. Dallas’ status can best exemplify this as a major hub for technology, medical research, and energy.

Dallas Flies High

This is not about the mile-high club. Dallas airport is no exception to the old saying that “everything is bigger here in Dallas.” The airport is well worth mentioning. Once you have seen it, you’ll understand why. It is the largest airport in the world and covers more land mass than Manhattan. Both Southwest and American Airlines are based in Dallas.

Best Skyline in the South

It might seem strange that Texas’ first skyscraper is located just a few miles from the farmer’s market. Texas is a land where everything is larger, and the Dallas skyline is a testament to that fact. The Dallas skyline, home to more than 250 high-rise buildings and offices, is more than just a picture-worthy place.