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Dallas Real Estate Over The Last 10 Years

selling a house with a lien

Every major Texas city has seen its home prices rise over the past decade. Only one metro area saw its median home value nearly double — Dallas-Fort Worth. The median home price in DFW skyrocketed 94 percent from 2011 ($149,900) to 2020 ($291,000), according to a new report from the Texas Association of Realtors, which reviewed home-selling activity […]

Go From Renting To Buying Easily

Beautiful Yard in Summer

Renters often dream of owning their own house. They can decorate the walls and personalize their appliances. They won’t need to ask permission to have pets or roommates. They won’t have fights over parking or listen through a shared wall to the television of their neighbor. Renting is a more restrictive option than owning your home. However, there are […]

How about condos and townhomes as investments?

Cost is one of the greatest obstacles to residential real estate investment. You need money to make it, and houses are costly. This is why many investors gravitate to condos and townhomes. This begs the question: Are townhomes an investment worth it? Location is crucial when buying a condo or townhouse as an investment. There are many factors […]