Are You Having Foundation Issues? Find Out

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Ten Signs that Foundation Issues Are Here

Is the crack in your foundation a sign that the house is settling? Is it the first sign of a major foundation problem? Here are the top 10 signs that you should be concerned about a foundation problem.

  1. Windows with split glass
  2. Water in your crawl area or basement.
  3. Noticeable fractures or bulges in the structure (1/4 inch or bigger).
  4. Leaning walls
  5. Flooring system sloping at an angle.
  6. Fractures in walls, especially over windows and doors.
  7. Windows will not close entirely or open at all.
  8. Space in between the wall and the ceiling.
  9. You can discover water in your crawl area or basement.
  10. Noticeable fractures or bulges in the structure (1/4 inch or bigger).

Do You Need a Home Inspection?

It’s time for a professional to evaluate the damage to your foundation if you think that it may be in need of repairs.

A home inspection is a great place to start. However, many home inspectors will not be able to determine the extent of any foundation problems. A structural engineer may be needed to get the full picture.

This could cost you anywhere from $500 to $1000. Be prepared. Even if there aren’t any major problems, it’s still worth the investment for your security and peace of mind. It’s also a fraction of what it costs to repair a foundation.

What is the cost of a foundation repair?

Foundation problems won’t improve by themselves. The more you delay in repairing the foundation, the more damage you will experience. A cracked foundation can be costly.

Repairing a home’s foundation can cost thousands of dollars. According to HomeAdvisor, the average homeowner spends $6,300 to repair a foundation. Depending on the type of repair, homeowners can spend up to $11,000.

Does it make it more difficult to sell a home with foundation damage?

You should think twice about starting foundation repairs if you find out that your home is in dire need of them. The government will record the permits required for foundation repair. This could be a red flag for potential buyers.

A foundation problem is something that buyers won’t often consider when looking at houses. This means that buyers may not be able to see the house after the repairs are completed.

You may be able to sell your home without any foundation repairs if it has a severely damaged foundation. Real estate investors are skilled in fixing structural problems and can offer cash for your house.

This saves you the significant expense of hiring a structural engineer to fix a serious foundation problem. Instead, you can simply sell your house for cash to Super Cash For Houses.