Tips For Your Next Garage Sale

Garage Sale

Here are some tips for your next garage sale

Finally, you have an offer for your home. It’s happening! You have some work ahead of yourself, regardless of whether you called Super Cash For Houses for a cash offer in 24 hours or did the traditional route. It’s time to get rid of clutter in your home. A garage sale is the best way to do it. Garage sales are the best!

How to price garage sale items

Pricing garage-sale items can be difficult for everyone. These are some tips to help you make the most of your unwanted possessions.

  • To check the current value, do a quick internet search. Although you won’t be able to find the current price of your items, this will give you a starting point.
  • Make sure your prices are clearly visible on every table. Stick price labels or stickers on every item to make sure there is no question about the cost.
  • Bundle like items together. A bundle of books, for $30, is hard to resist. However, people are not hesitant to pay $20 for a single book.

How to organize your garage sale

  • Get rid of everything you don’t use. You can search your basement, garage and attic for items that you haven’t used or touched in years. You can then box them up and put a price on them.
  • Sort and organize all items going to the garage sale. Although it may seem daunting, you don’t want to miss out on any sales because you didn’t organize your clothing away from the video games.
  • Grab any supplies for garage sales you might need. You can find stickers, labels and even yard sale signs by going to the Dollar Store or Office Supply store.

Call us today if you are looking for a fair cash offer on your home. We are interested in investing in your community and you. Let’s buy your house today!