5 Ways To Attract Today’s Buyers

Homeowners have recognized the importance of living in comfortable, usable spaces outside. Owners are looking to maximize the potential of their outdoor spaces as they reevaluate what priorities we place on our homes.

Fixr.com recently surveyed real estate professionals to gain insight into the most popular designs and features this year. The website’s 2021 Outdoor Living Spaces Trends Report was compiled by professionals. It reveals what homeowners can do to improve curb appeal, attract buyers, increase value, and enhance their outdoor living space.

These are just a few highlights of the report’s findings.

Outdoor kitchens are the most in-demand feature

Experts were asked to select one or more features they think will be most popular in the coming year. Outdoor kitchens are gaining popularity, with 61% of the respondents opting for them.

While outdoor kitchens have been around for many years, they were trendy during the pandemic. There are many styles and types of outdoor kitchens, including U-shapes and standalone.

The average cost of a 300-square foot outdoor kitchen costs $13,000, depending on its size and the materials used. However, adding extra features such as pizza ovens and ice machines can raise costs. A fire pit costs, on average, $850.

The Best Design Combination: Porch + Patio

There are many options for homeowners when it comes to outdoor design. Experts agree that a combination of a patio and porch is the best option for most homeowners. This combination is prevalent as a porch adds to the home’s curb appeal, while the patio provides more privacy.

A porch is an option if your home does not have one of these features, but a patio costs less than $5,000.

Smooth Transitions with Folding and Sliding Doors

Seventy-four percent of real estate professionals believe that folding and sliding doors are becoming more popular as a way to combine indoor and outdoor living. This design feature’s flexibility allows for relaxing vibes to flow seamlessly from one space to the next. It allows the outside to enter during bad weather. It also makes the rooms appear larger, which is a bonus when selling.

Costs for installing a sliding door vary depending on the type and size of the glass panes. A 72″ x80″ aluminum single-glazed sliding doors costs $2,760 on average.

Outdoor Heaters, Fireplaces Have Year-Round Appeal

Which method is most popular to adapt outdoor spaces for year-round usage?” src=”https://cdn.nar.realtor/sites/default/files/styles/inline_paragraph_image/public/SSS_Fixr_3.png?itok=NNCdGags”/>

Outdoor living spaces are not just for summer enjoyment. Homebuyers want to maximize their property throughout the year. Outdoor heaters, fireplaces, fire pits, and other outdoor heating options are helping homeowners enjoy the outdoors more.

Patios can be used if you can overcome the discomfort of being cold. A hard patio cover such as a pergola, which 27% of respondents said would become more common, will help protect others from the elements like rain. Outdoor heaters can also be used to heat spaces during cooler nights or days and can be moved to wherever you need them.

An outdoor heater can cost between $200 and 300, while an outdoor fireplace costs $2,000 to $3,000.

A place to gather with friends and family

When asked what their most important outdoor uses were, 80% said that family and friends are the top priorities. When preparing your home for sale, remember that buyers want to be able to enjoy the space. It would help if you made it a gathering spot, regardless of its size.