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Dallas Fort Worth Market Predictions

sell house in dallas by owner

Although the housing market in America is still hot, how does this race for real property affect everyone? Particularly, Dallas-FortWorth residents expect it to stay strong. Opendoor surveyed Dallas residents planning to purchase a home within the next 12 months to understand their feelings about the DFW housing market better. What are the results? The results? For […]

5 Ways To Attract Today’s Buyers

Homeowners have recognized the importance of living in comfortable, usable spaces outside. Owners are looking to maximize the potential of their outdoor spaces as they reevaluate what priorities we place on our homes. recently surveyed real estate professionals to gain insight into the most popular designs and features this year. The website’s 2021 Outdoor Living Spaces Trends […]

Go From Renting To Buying Easily

Beautiful Yard in Summer

Renters often dream of owning their own house. They can decorate the walls and personalize their appliances. They won’t need to ask permission to have pets or roommates. They won’t have fights over parking or listen through a shared wall to the television of their neighbor. Renting is a more restrictive option than owning your home. However, there are […]

Pre-Foreclosure Help For Property Owners

Home Buyers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Pre-Foreclosure Help for Homeowners Mortgage default is the leading cause of foreclosure. Your lender can foreclose on your property if you fail to pay your mortgage. Each state’s foreclosure process is different. How does DFW’s foreclosure process work? Some several notices and warnings go along with the foreclosure process in the great state of Texas. […]