Common Reasons for Selling to a Cash Home Buyer

Frequent Reasons for the Need to Sell a House Fast

On average, it takes around 70 days for your house to sell once it’s listed. The time frame does not include all of the other little things and moving out of your current home.

Seventy days is a long time to wait, but this predicted time frame can depend on many factors. It’s not fast enough if you’ve got bills to pay and expenses to cover in some cases.

There are many common reasons for the need to sell your house fast in DFW. Perhaps you’re wanting to move out of your current area to a location that better suits your needs, or you need to pay off some bills that have been hanging over your head for years.

We want to highlight some of those circumstances here on this very page…

Payoff Medical Bills

On average, Americans will spend around $10,000 per YEAR on medical bills alone, usually down to unforeseen reasons that they had no control over, such as emergency treatment. Many people struggle to pay these bills off with their current cash flow.

Especially if you consider the fact that you can’t earn money to pay the bills off while you’re in the hospital, you still might not b able to pay them once you recover. Also, keep in mind your other payments, such as your gas, electric, and other general house bills.

But one of the ways you can cover this cost off is by selling your home. Doing so will allow you to get ahold of the funds quickly to enable you to achieve this, relieving yourself of the natural stress resulting from having debt in your name. We are not suggesting you do this and go homeless, however.

What we are saying is perhaps downgrading to something more affordable that better suits you and your family’s current living conditions will allow you to relieve yourself of these costly medical bills while getting a home that perhaps is even better suited to you than your previous home.

Payoff Legal Fees

Attorney fees can set you back on average $100-$1000 per hour, so it comes as no surprise that something like this can be very, very difficult to pay back even if you have a well-paid job.

One of the best ways you could get cashflow is by selling your house, as this will give you a large amount of money to play with, perhaps even pay off other bills that you have been unable to pay previously due to costly bills of yours home.

Ensuring that you sell your home quickly will allow you not to accumulate any unforeseen costs, such as fees that may stack up if you do not pay the legal bills promptly.

Moving Out of Area

One of the common reasons you might want to sell your house fast is that you might want to move out of the area, whether that means moving to a different neighborhood or moving to another state altogether. Perhaps you are looking to move your children into a better school, or you want to move into a much more excellent neighborhood where you can raise a family.

Unfortunately, not many of us are lucky enough to have the funds to purchase a house somewhere else and live there while we wait for our current home to sell. Some of us need cash, fast. Selling your home fast will allow you to quickly get the money needed to buy your new dream home in an area more suited to your liking.

Want to Downsize

Downsizing can be another reason as to why you would want to sell your home fast. If your children have finally grown up and are now leaving for college, you are going to be left with empty rooms in the house that have no use.

Sure, you could turn one of them into a home office of sorts, but do you need to do that? Why not quickly sell your home and get something that fits your current living situation better and give yourself some extra cashflow.

Perhaps you could even move to an area you have always dreamed of moving to but never could cause of money limitations and household situations you once found yourself in. Moving and downsizing into something smaller will also help you save money down the line as it will cost far less to keep a smaller home running than it would run the current house you live in.


In your golden years, it becomes even more of a chore to get around your home. Walking up the stairs to get something you need can cause more effort than it’s worth. And perhaps now that you’re fully into retirement, you may no longer be able to afford the house you currently live in on your current income.

Even if this isn’t the case, selling up your old family home, that may be too large for you now, quickly so that you can get the cash flow needed to invest your money into something that better fits your living circumstances will be a great idea.

You might even have money left over from selling your house to go on that vacation you’ve always wanted to go on with you and your partner.

Liquidate Assets

If you’ve got bills to pay or you want some extra cash flow for a rainy day – perhaps you want to go on that costly cruise you and your partner have been eyeing up for the past couple of months, it would be a good idea to liquidate assets.

Quickly selling your home will allow you to liquidate assets and get this sort of cash flow, alongside any old furniture, cars, or technology that you no longer need that could help to bring in some extra money needed to invest or pay off bills.Or to help fund a home that is better suited to your lifestyle.

Job Transfer

A common reason why someone might want to sell their home quickly is due to the direction in which their career is heading.

In some cases, you may have just got promoted, are you might have found a job that allows you to live a particular lifestyle you have always wanted to live.

Wherever the job transfer may be, you’re going to want to quickly sell your home so that you can relocate to an area that is much closer to where you work.

Doing so will also give you the bonus of cutting out those horrible long commutes that every 9-5e dreads every Monday to Friday.

Lost Job

Losing your job can be a challenging time, especially if you’ve got all sorts of bills hanging over your head.

One of the ways to reduce these outgoings fast is to quickly shift your house so that you can downgrade to something a little more affordable.

Allowing you also to pay off any bills/debts you may have had hanging over your head for a long time, thanks to your new cash flow from selling your house, you can now relieve yourselves of these too.

Avoiding Foreclosure

Foreclosure is an experience you will very much want to avoid. Whether it’s your current job status, accumulated bills such as your children’s college tuition since signing for a mortgage, you may no longer be able to afford to pay your current mortgage bill every month.

Whatever has changed, to avoid foreclosure, it would be best to sell your home quickly so that you can get the money needed to pay off your debts.

Selling Due to Divorce

Selling your home is a normal part of the divorce procedure, as both parties want the money they initially invested into the house back so that they can find their places to live and get on with the rest of their lives.

Ensuring that they can sell their home fast will allow them to relieve themselves of the added stress that comes along with selling a home, which is a big part of the whole divorce procedure already.

Estate – Inherited Home

You may be lucky enough in your lifetime to inherit a house out of the blue. Perhaps it’s even bigger and better than the one you currently live in, in the location of your dreams in a neighborhood you have always wanted to live in. Or maybe it isn’t.

Whether you’re going to make this new house your new forever home or not, you’re going to want to make a quick turn around on your current home or the one you’ve just inherited. We buy houses in Dallas, Fort Worth, and the entire Metroplex area. Selling your home fast to us will allow you to do this. You can spend money on things you need and want, such as clearing your debt or treating yourself to a brand new car.