Common Types of Garages


What Type of Garage Can Your Property Have?

You might notice when looking at home sales that many listings emphasize the type of garage that a property has. That’s because a garage is a necessity for ensuring one’s vehicles are secured well.

Your garage might influence the money you get off of your property when you reach us at Super Cash For Homes for help with selling your home. But are you aware of the type of garage you have?

There are many types of garage found on properties for sale throughout the Metroplex area. Let’s look at some of these styles.


A necessary garage is designed to store a car. You can find these garages in one, two, or three-car forms. Some large properties have room for four vehicles.


An apartment garage is arranged to where you’ll have space above or below the garage. The most common type of apartment garage is one where there’s a full-size room directly above the garage.


A detached garage means not connected to your main property. Instead, it’s in a separate building. The detached structure should have a look identical to the main house.


Sport utility vehicles or SUVs are prevalent around the Metroplex. But these taller vehicles need larger garages. In this case, an SUV garage comes in handy.

An SUV garage features an extra bit of room for a larger vehicle. The garage has a larger opening for a heavy car. The walls can be about ten feet high, while the door openings can be up to eight feet wide. The enlarged area makes it easier for an SUV to enter the garage.


You can use a garage for things well outside storing cars, as a shop garage shows. A shop garage will include room for one or two vehicles, but after that, it will feature extra room for handling many other things you might want to secure. You can get a shop garage ready with a workbench and such for taking care of heavy-duty tasks. You could also store all your vehicle maintenance items in your shop garage.


A colonial garage is one of the more interesting choices you may find. This garage-style features a restored body similar to what you might find in Virginia and other places densely inhabited in the eighteenth century.

Colonial has the look of an old Victoria or Colonial building but repurposed for use as a garage. The building should also fit in with local construction and building codes for it to be legally useful where you are.

 Sell Your House Fast With or Without a Garage

You’ll need to look at how well your garage looks and how it functions if you’re going to get a better deal on your home sale process. You can ask us at Super Cash For Homes for additional help with all the needs you have surrounding your sale efforts.