Dallas Fort Worth Market Predictions

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Although the housing market in America is still hot, how does this race for real property affect everyone? Particularly, Dallas-FortWorth residents expect it to stay strong. Opendoor surveyed Dallas residents planning to purchase a home within the next 12 months to understand their feelings about the DFW housing market better.

What are the results? The results?

For instance, 78 percent believe that now is the right time to sell a house, while 76 percent think it is a good idea to buy a house right away. 28 percent want a home that is ready to move into, and only 16 percent want a house that has been renovated. Only 18% want to keep their home as it is and renovate it.

46 percent of those who are looking to purchase believe that now is the right time. Just over a third of those surveyed believe the housing market will peak within the next few months, while 40% predict that it will continue to be strong for at least one year.

People are currently buying and selling in Dallas, with the median listing price rising 9.6 percent over last year. Sharon Brown, Opendoor’s Dallas general manager, said that the current housing market is part and parcel of daily conversation. Whether you’re downtown, Uptown, or Lower Greenville, the real estate buzz in Dallas-Fort Worth is amazing.

She says that homeowners are interested in taking advantage of the recent but substantial appreciation of the market. “Our data confirms this,” she adds. On the other side, homebuyers are looking to purchase their dream home and make a good investment.

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