How Do You Determine How Much My Home Is Worth?

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Selling your home is a tremendous decision. We understand this and strive to offer you the best evaluation while adhering to the prevailing market prices. Before understanding how we come up with the offer price, read through the following helpful tips:  

What Is a House Market Value?

There are several types of value in Real Estate such as appraised value, home assessed value and home market value. The market value indicates the price your home would sell on the market even tomorrow. The market value is not influenced by the price listed on the mortgage. It changes with demands and may be affected local conditions and events. For instance, a market with lots of foreclosures could lead to reduced home values. If you find oil in your neighborhood, the value goes up phenomenally.

Apprised Home Value

A qualified and licensed appraiser does an appraisal. They look at your house and determine its value. Appraisers are highly skilled and knowledgeable about the local market. We have a professional appraiser who will determine the value of your house after one visit. They require a short tour of the home and analyze its condition. When coming up with the offer price, their determination is used. If you have any questions about the appraised value, you can ask questions. We ensure that the process is free and open.  

Online Market Value Estimates Are Often Misleading

Online home value estimation tools where you enter your address and receive prices can be misleading. First, these websites do not have offices in your community. Making accurate valuations is impossible. For instance, Zillow will not tell you the real value of your property, but your local agency will give you exact information. Note that market trend is the most important thing to consider. Do the homes keep selling for higher prices?  

Our Fair Method of Coming up with Prices

Super Cash for Houses has a proud history of fifty years operating in Texas, and we offer fair prices to customers. Most of our clients are looking to sell houses quickly due to an urgent need for money. We make sure that you have extra dollars. The process of coming up with the offer price is open, and you can ask any question. Our experts are knowledgeable of the local market. The will give you an evaluation that similar houses in your neighborhood would have when listed on the open market. After the home visit, have confidence that we will make you right offer. Thus, do not show your home to strangers or put a sale sign in the front yard. Furthermore, leave the repairs and any cosmetic touches on us. After purchasing your home, we will undertake all the repairs. Your signature on the contract seals the deal. Start now, for the best prices.