Do A Neighbors Foreclosure Affect My Home Value?

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How Does A Foreclosure Impact Home Values

It can be unfortunate for people to go through a foreclosure. It can be a problem because a person might experience significant financial hardship that might make it harder for a person to pay off one’s home. It can also cause the underlying home’s value to decline in value by quite a bit.

But did you know that your home’s value will drop if a neighbor near you experiences a foreclosure? You must be aware of this when looking at your home’s value if you plan on selling something of value. The concern surrounding your home value could be dramatic.

Comparables Are Concerns

One point to notice surrounding your property’s value entails the comparables in your area. A home appraisal expert will look at things relating to your property area when figuring out the amount of your place. A comparable maybe another home in your local area. It may include any houses where you are that have foreclosed in recent times.


The drop in another property’s value will affect the averages of the surrounding comparables. This point could be more substantial if there are more foreclosures near your property. Foreclosure can hurt the worth even when you’re not the one who has been going through a foreclosure.

Does Your Neighborhood Become Unfavorable?

There is also a possibility that your neighborhood will not be as favorable as you might wish it could be. A community with too many foreclosures might not be unappealing due to some places not being kept up as well as possible.

Other Economic Factors

Foreclosures in your area might also impact some economic statistics where you are. For instance, your area’s average household income total might drop in value. The drop could come about from people not being able to get the money they need for paying off their homes.

The problem can also spill over into other situations like people not being able to find jobs. These problems can hurt the quality of life in your neighborhood, thus reducing property values depending on the situation at hand. The threat can be very significant depending on where you are and the value of comparable homes in your area.

How Much of a Drop?

The total drop in the value of your home can vary based on the situation at hand. You might expect to lose about 10 to 15 percent of your home’s value in some of the worst cases. While this is not as bad as what would happen to someone going through a real foreclosure, the threat is still substantial.

You must watch for what you are getting out of your home’s value when it comes to possible foreclosure. You can reach us at Super Cash For Houses for help with getting your home sold off sooner. Our goal is to ensure there are no problems with selling your house fast in Dallas, TX.