I Inherited A House, Do I Pay Capital Gains?

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Are Capital Gains Taxes Required for Inheritable Property?

Anyone who sells large assets or property is subject to capital gains tax. Capital gains are when you sell an asset at a higher value than it is worth. These are the facts that the IRS wants to tell you about capital gains on inherited property. Also, you will learn how to avoid capital gains taxes so that you don’t get into an unpleasant situation.

It’s all about the Basis

The basis is the basic value of an asset to calculate a capital gain.

The amount paid for the asset plus any associated costs, such as sales taxes and fees, is the basis. Your basis will include any expenditures to improve the asset, such as adding a garage to a house.

The basis is subtracted from the sale price to determine the capital gain. You will need to report the capital gain on your taxes.

What is the Basis for an Inherited Asset?

You inherit property but haven’t bought it. Therefore, the basis of inheritance is different. The original purchase price does not determine the basis for inherited property. The current appraised value determines it. It doesn’t matter what the original owner paid.

Let’s take, for example, the $200,000 your parents paid to buy a house. However, it is worth $430,000. The basis for tax purposes is $430,000.

If the house is sold for $430,000, you will need to report no capital gain.

How to avoid paying capital gains tax on inherited property

You can currently avoid capital gains tax by selling inherited property for less than its basis. If this happens, you are considered at a loss and may be eligible to deduct your taxes up to $3,000 annually.

If you inherit a $400,000.00 house and sell it for $385,000, you can avoid capital gains tax. You may be able, for up to five years, to deduct money from your taxes.

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Selling Inherited Property is Easiest

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