I’m in Debt, Should I Sell My House & Rent?

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What should I do if I am in debt?

You can accumulate a large amount of debt in a matter of seconds on personal loans or credit cards. It would take years of hard work and many monthly payments to fully and successfully repay your debt. There is another way. Your house maybe you’re the best option if you are looking to get out of debt quickly. This is how you can decide whether to rent or sell your house to get out of debt.

To pay off your debts, you can sell your house

You might be thinking about selling your house. There are no monthly mortgage payments, you have debt payments, and you own a beautiful piece of property in a great neighborhood. The stars are aligned.

You should know that if you decide to sell your home to repay your debts, it will be a costly and time-consuming process. Traditional methods can leave a house on the market for up to a year. You’re still making monthly repayments towards your accumulated debt during that time.

Finding a local real estate investor is your best and perhaps the only option. An investor will buy your home right away if they have the cash. They will work with you to quickly sell your house and charge you anything if you call.

It’s easy. They will arrange a meeting, inspect your home and discuss your goals. You want to repay the debt in this instance.

You might consider renting out your house

Renting out your home is an option if you don’t have the means to rent an apartment or cannot share it with family and friends. Renting out your property can make you over $1,000 per month in some parts of Nevada. Of course, rent prices vary.

The point is that if you rent your larger home and move to a smaller place, you will pay less per month. You can use this cash to reduce your debt. When pricing your monthly rent, consider whether you have a monthly payment on your mortgage. Don’t forget to include your debt payments. When pricing your home to rent, there are many things you should consider.

How to Pay Off Debt By the Numbers

Once you have decided to sell, it is time to begin crunching the numbers. Selling often refers to either upgrading or downsizing. Downsizing may be an option if you are trying to reduce your debt.

Let’s take a look at some numbers. You need first to determine the value of your home. To find out what comparable homes are selling for in your area, you can look at current market trends. Next, consider your equity. Don’t forget about what you owe. You will need to pay off your monthly mortgage in full when you are ready to sell.

Let’s suppose you owe $60,000 more to the lender. A real estate investor buys your house and offers $125,000. You’ll get $65,000 if you subtract these two. You are selling to an investor and not through a realtor. You’d have to pay fees and commissions. That would reduce it to $50,000 after closing costs.

You can pay off your credit cards, save some money, and buy a home with your earnings. You are now a millionaire!

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