Showing Your Home? Keep The Closet Half Empty

A Clean Closet

Why Keep the Closets Half-Empty When Selling Your Home?

Every home buyer is interested in storage. People need enough room in their homes to store all their things. They also want to find storage spaces that are suitable and useful.

You’ll need to show off the closets around your home to make it more inviting. The storage spots are places potential buyers will observe. They want to see that you’ve got enough room in the property for what they have.

But as you stage your home, you’ll need to show off how well your place can handle all those things people wish to store. You must plan your closets to where they’re simple for people to look through.

Keys to Keeping Closet Half-Empty

The key is to keep your closets half-empty. The effort means that you’re allowing some room open in your closet. You’ll give the viewers enough time to see what your closets feature. The people will notice what you have, and then get an idea of what they can do themselves. They’ll understand how thorough and useful the facility appears.

How to Get Your Closet Ready

There are a few things to do to get any closet under control. These points are about showing off the features that your storage spot would include:

  • The items you place in your closet should be basic things. These include clothes and other traditional items. You can use this to give viewers an idea of what your features and how it works.
  • Make sure you avoid keeping anything overly personal on display. You need to ensure the closet looks open to where anyone could see one’s items inside the area.
  • Allow for enough room for the people to walk around. Pick up things off of the ground if possible. The viewers need to see how well they can walk through the closet. 
  • Look at the lighting inside a closet. The setting should be bright enough to where people can see all the things inside the space. There should be no obstructions over any lights.
  • Clear the entryway that leads to the closet. The entry point should be easy to go through. Make sure you remove anything that might obstruct the closet.
  • Be sure any electric outlets in your closet are visible. The viewers should see that there are spots for them to plug small items.
  • Remove any wall decorations in your closet. The walls should be bare to where people can see what the room features. Potential buyers may check the walls for possible future renovations.

You’ll need to do these things for all the closets in your home. These include closets in your bedrooms, any utility rooms you have, and other spots.

You can ask us at Super Cash For Houses to learn more about what works for your needs. We can talk with you about the sale process and what can work as you’re aiming to make the most out of your home sale.