Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Real Estate Investors Over A Real Estate Agent

When it comes to companies that buy houses in Dallas is ultimately a leading choice for many home sellers. Our “as-in” buying policies, transparency, flexible cash payment options, increased sale speed, and a hassle free buying process sets us apart from our competitors. In fact, many real estate sellers prefer to sell their properties directly to us instead of hiring listing services of a real estate agent.

Those who are experienced in real estate business are well aware of the peculiarities associated with a real estate agent. High commissions, low selling price, delayed listing, inexperience, lack of communication and feedback are major problems plaguing real estate agents. Therefore, as a prospective seller, you should avoid getting caught in the dodgy machinations of a realtor because of following major reasons:

Disadvantages Of Making A Contract With A Real Estate Agent:

Listing Delays For High Commissions:

Estate agents are nefarious for delaying listing in favor of getting the buyer as well as listing commissions, a total of 6%. Shady realtors will delay listing your property on major platforms and instead show your property only to the buyers who have established prior contracts with them. With this “Pocket Listing” strategy, your property loses the chance of attracting unique buyer offers and asset depreciation occurs over time.

This problem gets further compounded when you are in a hurry to sell your property. Unwillingly, you get forced to make rash emotional decisions and end up selling property below its original worth to an agent’s chosen buyer. Meanwhile, realtor closes the deal and gets away with high commissions and profit.

Inexperienced in Real Estate Marketing:

According to a study, 90% of prospective buyers look online for property listings. Listing a property online and attracting prospective buyers requires a lot of strategies, plans, and marketing experience. Unfortunately, many real estate agents lack these qualities and are unable to properly showcase your property for its actual worth. An adept real estate agent must know how to bring buyers through real estate websites, online listings, blogs, social media platforms, virtual tours, and videos.

Lack of Communication And Feedback:

A real agent is supposed to act as a liaison between the buyer and seller. Constant feedback, advice, detailed property analysis, and improvement suggestions are all a part of agent’s job portfolio. Dodgy and disinterested agents only look for their own interests and appear communicative as long as the contract has not been finalized. Once a contract gets finalized, they stop receiving phone calls, avoid meetings and show an extreme lack of responsiveness. Many times, lack of feedback and selling advice ends up with the client agreeing to a sale deed which is less profitable.

companies that buy houses in DallasOffering Immediate High Price For Sealing Contracts:

Dishonest realtor offers an unlikely high property sale price in order to seal a contract. Once a 90-day contract is sealed, the waiting game starts as prospective buyers are reluctant to acquire properties with unbelievably high listings. When confronted, such agents immediately change gears and blame the seller for high expectations. Your house gets stale as you bicker with the agent to no avail, ultimately losing precious time and monetary values. The end result is a lot of frustration and diminished returns on your assets.

Producing Fake Buyers For Contract Extensions:

Unreliable agents selfishly look to renew their contracts continuously and may even resort to illegal shady tactics. At the end of a contract term, a real estate agent may produce a ‘Fake Perfect Buyer’ who apparently agrees to buy your property. Once the contract has been renewed, the buyer disappears and you end up with another agonizing contract with your agent. Your property simultaneously continues to degrade as you lose potential profits.

Pushing Up Negotiations Against You:

Some agents work differently and their sole goal is closing a deal regardless of their clients’ benefits and interests. In doing so, they may devalue your property, subtly present it in a negative manner or pressurize you to close up unfavorable negotiations. Instead of supporting you during the negotiation process, they may leave you high and dry in uncharted waters which may result in a devastating deal. Obviously, agents get their commissions while you suffer through your financial ordeal wondering what went wrong.

Marketing Themselves Instead Of Your Property:

Fake real estate agents come up with dazzling portfolios of their real estate deals which have little truth. Instead of marketing your property, they intend to market themselves through your budget. Typical signs of a dishonest real estate agent are undue boasting, dazzling advertisements, and stamp-sized listings of your property.

Super Cash For Houses is A Solution For Your Problems:

While there are definitely honest real estate agents out there, it is still easy for a non-experienced seller to fall into the obvious traps. In order to avoid a potentially devastating experience, you should choose real estate investors when selling your property.

If you own a property in Dallas Texas or Fortworth Texas, then we can help you avoid a cumbersome selling process. We are real estate investors and we are one of the best companies that buy houses in Dallas. Not only willing to houses but also condos, duplexes, land, townhouses and much more. What separates us from real estate agents is our highly transparent and guileless buying process.

By obtaining our services, you obtain following key benefits:

No hidden commissions, referral fees and listing charges. We deal with all the legal documentations and services without charging any fees.

As-in buying policy which allows us to buy your property in its current shape. You save costs on costly repairs, renovation and landscaping.

Avoid long delays associated with real estate agents. Typically you may save up to one month to 90 days with our smooth buying process.

Guaranteed convenience as you sell your property immediately. We customize the whole process according to your payment terms and closure dates.

Since we are the direct buyers, you avoid dealing with shady agents and middlemen with their exorbitant commissions. A deal may close in as early as 7 days.

No pressurized negotiations, long contracts, forced renewals or undue value depreciation of your property. We will buy your property at the current price minus the costs for potential repairs.

Final Words:

Selling a property, especially for the first few times can be a very tricky business. It is generally tough for sellers to identify a dishonest real estate agent. Thus we believe, sellers can have a much more lucrative deal by associating directly with real estate investors who act as both buyers and middlemen.

If we compare companies that buy houses in Dallas offers best rates, convenience and a transparent selling process. Our instant quotation system will allow you to get a quick tentative idea of your current property value. Further information can be easily obtained through our website and customer support.