Can You Sell a House in Foreclosure?

home in foreclosure

One of the distresses of homeowners in DFW is facing foreclosures because of non-payment of their mortgages for over 90 days. This comes with credit repercussions, where your name will be attached to negative credit ratings. Moreover, your beloved house may be sold for a less amount more than it is worth. The desperate question arising in mind is that, “Can I sell the house while in foreclosure?” The answer is a yes.

Don’t Ignore the Mortgage Lender

Usually, the mortgage lender will communicate with you, notifying you about the due mortgages. The worst thing you can do is to ignore the lender. This will expedite the foreclosure process. Typically, if you are struggling to honor your mortgage payments, a responsible lender will grant you an opportunity to negotiate for refinancing options or loan restructuring so that you can afford. If such efforts are still difficult to honor, then the lender will have no choice but to opt for costly foreclosure process. What can you do to avoid the foreclosure process? You may opt for a few options, that includes a short sale or selling your home before it is put on sale by the financial institution. Note that the home is still under your authority until it is put on sale by the lender. So, you can sign new contracts with potential buyers so that you can pay back the mortgage arrears and then walk with additional cash. Who knows, that additional cash can get you an affordable house this time around. At the same time note that it can take time to get a potential home buyer. So, you might have to find a competent real estate agent to help you sell the house fast. And to get the best value, you might need to renovate the house. Remember this must happen before the lender puts your home for sale.

How Can You Sell Your Home Fast before the Foreclosure?

Have you heard about Super Cash for Houses? Instead of going through the tedious process of finding the real estate agent and then finding the potential buyer, why not make use of the Super Cash for Houses platform to sell your house fast so you can repay the mortgage? Typically, it can take another 90 days before the house is put on sale or even longer. In some worst-case scenarios, it can take weeks. Then you should find the buyer urgently.  

Need to Sell? Call Super Cash for Houses

Super Cash for Houses has an extensive experience and an existing huge market where it can get your house sold in a short period of time in Dallas, Fort and Worth in Texas. The benefit of selling your house to Super Cash for Houses is that you do not have to spend money on renovations in order to impress these Dallas Home Buyers. The company will buy the house the way it is. Isn’t this lifesaving to escape the possible negative credit ratings by the mortgage lender? Of course, it is! You will be off the hook with a clean credit and a sigh of not owing money to the mortgage lender anymore.