Tips For Improving Your Yard During The Summer

Beautiful Yard in Summer

Tips To improve Your Yard During the Summer Months

You should be aware of how you’re handling your yard during the summer season. A well-maintained yard will add value to your house. You’ll also appreciate a well-done job, as you’re making your home stand out a little more. There are a few points that you can use if you want to keep your grass healthy and green throughout the hot summer months.

Water Regularly

You need to ensure you regularly water your lawn. Proper watering is necessary for helping the grass to stay hydrated and to keep from wearing out. But you should ensure you provide enough water on occasion to keep the roots strong. Not watering enough can cause the roots to become shallow, thus causing the water to wear out.

A good rule of thumb is to add an inch of water to your yard every week. The effort makes it easier for the ground to stay comfortable.

Don’t Mow Too Low

You might figure you could lower your lawnmower when cutting the grass. You might feel this is sensible, as you’re going to extend the time between mowing. But cutting too short can expose the grass bed. The extra heat on the grass bed can weak the root structure.

Be sure to raise your mower by a bit before you start mowing. You need to keep the mower from being too low when mowing, or else it might be easy for you to harm the yard.

Reseed On Occasion

You’ll also need to add new seed to your grass bed when keeping it comfortable. You can add seed around the end of the season to help restore the grass bed’s natural texture. The effort also improves upon how well new grass leaves can build up and grow around your yard. You’ll ensure you keep your grass looking green and beautiful for the next year.

Watch For the Shade

You need to watch for how well the shade covers your yard. While you might appreciate a cool shade as the sun shines and the shadows build along with your trees and other features, you should still be careful. The shade can cause the grass bed to become a little cooler. The problem can cause weeds to build, not to mention the grass will grow much faster than you might hope.

Be sure to watch for how well shady spots around your yard develop during the summer season. You will need to remove any weeds that build up, but you should use a safer treatment without chemicals if possible. Pulling out those weeds in the shade may cause the seeds from that growth to spread around your yard. The roots for the weed may still stay intact underground and may stick around.

Be prepared for whatever may come along this summer. Make sure you look carefully at how you’re going to handle your grass and that you keep it looking healthy. It is possible to have a green yard in the summer when you use the right points for caring for the area.