When To Replace Grass or Turf Around Your Home

grass around home

When Should You Replace the Grass or Turf Around Your Home

The yard around your home is one of the most critical parts of your home to see when trying to sell your property. People might notice your yard before they see anything else around your property. The grass bed or turf will also add to the curb appeal. You need to produce a green yard that looks distinct and fresh so potential buyers will be interested in your property.

However, you might not be aware of when you should replace the grass or turf around your home. There are a few signs you can use when figuring out when you should replace what you have.

You Notice Dirty Spots

Your lawn might have some spaces where you see more dirt than grass. These spots can become distracting, not to mention they can make the grass surrounding them dirty.

Take a look at how many dirt spots are around your yard. You might resolve the issue by adding grass seed to small areas. But you might need to replace the lawn altogether if you have too many of these spots all around.

You Have Too Many Pests

You might find lots of pests around your yard. These include grubs, fire ants, and others that are difficult to clear out. While smaller infestations are easy to treat, larger concerns require a new lawn altogether. Replacing the lawn can clear out the pests, although new soil would have to be applied around your yard to improve upon your chances. Getting rid of all these pests can be rough, but it is a necessity when caring for your yard.

There Are Weeds All Over

Weeds are annoying, as they keep your yard from looking as uniform and fresh as it should. But after a while, the weeds can spread and make your yard harder to maintain. Your grass will also become weak to where it will not grow well, as the nutrients it needs will be used by the weeds instead. You would have to replace the grass bed if there are too many weeds. The same point goes if any other measures you’re using to control them are not working.

When It Doesn’t Drain

All lawns need to drain well. Proper drainage is necessary for keeping a yard from flooding after it rains. The good news is that sometimes you can fix drainage problems by aerating your yard. Aeration loosens the soil and improves upon how the grass brings in nutrients. The effort also helps your turf by expanding the root structure.

But while aeration is useful, there might be cases where it does not work at all. The soil might have become too compacted to where a new structure is necessary. Replacing the turf bed and refreshing its soil might be the best option at this point.

Be sure to look at how well your grass or turf bed looks when selling your home. There’s a chance you might need to get it replaced altogether. You can ask us at Super Cash For Houses for details on what works when you’re getting these features replaced.