Understanding the Fort Worth, Texas Real Estate Market

View of Fort Wort Texas Stockyards

If you are planning to move to Fort Worth, Texas, it pays to understand the state of the real estate market that will help you create better decisions. Based on the report of Dallas News, this place is currently the hottest market with regards to an apartment. During the first quarter of this year, there are a total of 50,588 apartments that are currently in construction. Before the end of 2017, at least 30,000 apartments will be completed. This ongoing development has been going through for decades and will continue in the years to come.  

The Multi-Family Housing Industry in Forth Worth, Texas

The Dallas-Fort Worth housing market has continued to flourish in the greater part of the DFW area. However, most of the ongoing developments were concentrated on the northern side of the region. Based on the study, at least 30% of the units are situated on the northern bounds. The economic environment matched with the affordability has contributed to the flourishing real estate market of Fort Worth. The various types of units are also creating notable shifts which make this a very desirable place for people who are looking for a new place that they can call home.  

The Crime Rate

Being aware of the criminal activity within Forth Worth, Texas will help you understand the crime happening in the area and think about your security. You should always consider the criminal activity and compare it with another location to guarantee safety. There were at least 17,000 accounts of theft that happened in the area. There were also 3,000 burglaries and 4,000 reported vandalism. More than 7,000 arrests have been made by the police authority.  

Schools in Fort Worth, TX

You should also take a look at the level of education offered in the area. You need to make sure that your children are getting the best opportunity in terms of education. Based on the records, there are at least 100 schools located in Fort Worth. Most of them provide a quality education. The state of Texas will also disseminate school guide that contains essential information about the schools which can help in your decision.  

Demographics that You Need to Know When Moving to Fort Worth

The neighborhoods that await you in Fort Worth, Texas are diverse. At least 30% of them are single residents. This means that it is mostly composed of young and lively community. 68% of the residents are homeowners, and the others are living in the multi-family housing units. The average age of the resident is 33, and 26% of them have completed their college degree. With regards to transportation, at last, 98% of the Fort Worth residents are commuting using their car. 0% is commuting through biking and public transportation. The information provided above is necessary to understand the local real estate market of Fort Worth. It will help you create a smarter decision which is essential since buying a house in Fort Worth, TX might be the most significant investment that you will make in this lifetime. It also pays to understand the safety, education and the type of community that awaits you in Fort Worth.