Where Are the Most Expensive Houses in the US?

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What Are the Most Expensive Homes In the United States?

Some people wonder where to find the most expensive homes in the United States. Here is information about just that.

It helps to consider how some homes are worth different amounts of money in certain places. The values of homes can vary based on their sizes, features, the incomes of people in the area, and the general taxes and other expenses associated with living in certain areas. You might expect to spend more on a home in certain areas depending on where you go and what you are interested in the most.

High End In California

It is no surprise that many of the most expensive homes in the United States are in California. The state is noted for being home to many high-end mansions, not to mention too many places that pay more to their employees. The potential for homes to be worth massive totals in that part of the country is something of note. This can especially be said in San Mateo County south of San Francisco or in some of the high-value parts of Los Angeles like Santa Monica.

The Northeast 

There should be no surprise that the northeastern United States is home to lots of expensive houses. New York City itself is home to expensive properties that can be a million dollars in value or more. These include some of the fancy flats and apartments around the city.

But you might find some of the most expensive properties on Long Island. The area is a popular site for vacations. You can find some of the fanciest homes in Montauk, Sagaponack, Sag Harbor, and many other parts of Long Island to the east.

The Boston area cannot be ignored either, nor can the Washington DC area. But these are all expensive cities to live in.

Expensive By the Shore

Any place near a large body of water will surely cost more. The picturesque scenes of the area and the proximity to various other populated sites should be noted. Expect the values for homes to be extremely high in Miami, Chicago, or Seattle.

What About Texas?

As for Texas, the values of homes in the state can be rather high depending on where you go. It can be easy to find cheap houses in the Dallas or Houston areas. But some growing markets like Austin and San Antonio may have homes that are more expensive. Part of this is due to the demand for properties in the area influencing how realtors are going to value property. They may increase the values of properties in some cases.

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